My Conspiracy Theory

#MyConspiracyTheory is that humanity is attracted to fiction storytelling far more than science + truth. But since I don't use lies, deception, techniques of fiction storytelling that are copied from best-selling fiction, it gets avoided.

The hard part for people to face is that the human brain really isn't that different for people living in Germany in 1935, Russia 2014, Cambodia 1975. It's the same human brain, mind. What's different is "follow the leader" signals in those time periods.

#WarPeaceGlobalVillage the difference between War and Peace in the Global Village of October 6, 2023 vs. October 7, 2023 in the Levant, the whole Palestine attacking Israel, and the resulting reaction of Gaza being pummeled by #IDF... 

It is the same human brains over here in USA, North America... but the signals the mob mentality follows are different, the signals change on October 6 vs. #october7    #PeopleArePeople