Decoration Believe Anything

In the late 1990's, when the Internet growth was at full tilt.. I was analyzing Internet media systems for #PaulAllenGroup with sports teams, Hollywood stars on guest yachts, private 757 jet and hanger (now second-hand to Donald Trump), music production empire, DreamWorks, ESPN

I concluded in late 1999 that Corporate America was going to believe almost ANYTHING if it came wrapped in decoration & memes. Social Engineering & lax end-user devices in client/server systems would be the biggest security surface of both Edward Bernays + technical exploits...

Tech industry was going to POCKET the profits, while NOT educating #WeThePeople on the psychological mechanics of social engineering, Edward Bernays style manipulation, and all the things Neil Postman had been spelling out along with Marshall McLuhan. End-users were WIDE OPEN...

So immediately in late 1999, I made travel my core focus to gain experience of how EVERYDAY, not EDUCATED by the profit-taking Technology Companies, #WeThePeople were reacting to new hardware, new Internet apps, new emerging medium and media. After 9/11, I doubled down travel...

My company ran all the technical of website and analyzed trading patterns of eBay and the rise of drop-ship style selling. I was asked to build a GMail competitor (Kobo), we did a custom instant messaging system for eSnipe. Decoration ruled, "designers"...

And I truly realized Postman + McLuhan were right, and after living in South America (#Arica Chile, #EiffelChurch) I realized what McLuhan was saying about politicians "only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image" was the NORM for Clergy, #SellOut live good for dead words...

After returning to USA from Chile, right at the time #HurricaneKatrina hit #NOLA, I started to think more++ more about media ecology and the impact on #LevantFaith systems. I didn't know WHERE, but once the Apple iPhone came in mid 2007, I had a strong suspicion of Levant myth!

I needed to understand what might survive a #MonoMyth wave change, how to anchor my own mind, + I started to seriously study #ElectricTorah, #SteelyDan, how their audience reacted to meaning and purity of notes. I salvaged the Steely Dan SubReddit, I traveled to concerts all over

So with #iPhone 1 in hand of me & key apprentice employee, I tried to make sense of what the iPhone would change in 2nd half of 2007. I traveled to show my retired parents & get their expeirence, etc. I felt this was the new #Torah, Steely Dan software for iPhone would come next?

Once in 2008/2009 I found out I had autism, #AspergersSyndrome, just like Paul Allen had, but I never learned a thing about... I spent over 6 months reading about autism, both in books & online support groups (#WrongPlanet)... I had a pretty good idea which faith would react 1st

In October 2009, I turned 40, and by December 2009 I suspected Islam/Quran media with Internet was going to turn wild. I had been in #Austin studying #SXSW seeing how superficial design rules everything + anything, I strongly suspected music++ would inspire a youth Quran event

And by February 2010, the #ArabSpring2010 was grow++ force online. By #Ramadan 2010, it was really roaring in Tunisia on Facebook.

Access to Internet world music to Muslims was a media ecology event, historic scale. "Gospel tradition" isn't in the Mosque

February 28, 2010 Stephen Gutknecht (RoundSparrow) Facebook Posting at the emergence of the Islamic / Muslim Arab Spring Internet / MonoMyth revolution that I had predicted on December 16, 2009.

Muhammad said: 'None of you believe until you desire for your brother what you desire for yourself', and in his Farewell Sermon he said: 'Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you', the Prophet also said: 'That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind'.



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Cherry-pick from all the world's mythology / religion systems, cherry-pick from ALL the Public Library!

Don't forget the Library of Alexandria!